Well-trained instructors, teachers, VET experts and trainers are crucial for building up a well-skilled workforce. In many countries the lack of technicians trained in skills required by companies and the economy in general is partly due to inadequate infrastructure (classrooms and training equipment). The shortage of trainers and mentors is an equally important cause of this skills gap.

SkillSonics offers a range of courses and workshops to improve competencies of trainers from companies, institutes and schools.

Diplomas and Certificates

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Programs and Courses

Our programs are based on Swiss pedagogical and manufacturing methods, and meet international standards. They are designed to improve the didactic and practical instruction skills of all trainers and experts. In particular, trainers and expers learn how to design lessons, teach practical skills and run assessments.

SkillSonics offers programs and courses for the following VET professionals:
  • teachers
  • shopfloor instructors
  • examiners
  • master trainers
  • company training staff


Train the trainer programs:
  • Instructors: 5 to 24 days
  • Examiners: 5 to 12 days
  • Master Trainer: 12 days
  • Teachers: 3 to 5 days
  • Company Training Center Managers: 8 days


We provide training programs customized to your requirements.

Get our Course Catalogue and ask us for a quote.